(Down 2 0), they didn’t get wound up, they just kept working

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Canada Goose sale In October, it’s one level, November it keeps going and it keeps going, it’s hard, it’s heavy and it’s competitive and we have to learn to play that every night.”The (Wild) game is what we’re susceptible to, the other team stuck with it. (Down 2 0), they didn’t get wound up, they just kept working and forechecking and basically they won it in the first period. They had jump, they checked the puck back and put miles on our defence.”Babcock expected no let up from the Canucks despite their absentees.”They’re going to dig in, their centres (such as Bo Horvat, Brandon Sutter and Jay Beagle) are responsible defensively, their goaltender (Jacob Markstrom was on a great roll through December) is playing well. Canada Goose sale

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